This Month in Radio

Year Series
1933 Then - and Now
1933 Tiger Rose
1933 South Seas
1933 Bought and Paid For
1933 Wedding Bells
1933 Saturday Night Shockers
1933 My Lady's Dress
1934 Taxi FL2226
1935 Return of Inspector Scott
1935 French Revolution
1935 Tale of the Black Opal, The
1935 Swiss Family Robinson
1935 Birth of the British Nation
1935 Search for the Missing Link, The
1935 Clive of India
1936 Adventure Bound
1936 Voice of Fate
1936 Dead Or Alive
1937 Arabian Nights, The
1936 Mr & Mrs Everybody
1937 Double Crossed
1937 Leaves from the Other Woman's Diary
1937 Real Life Stories
1937 Pickwick Club, The
1937 Fly By Night
1937 Unsolved Mysteries
1937 Empress Josephine
1937 Tooth and Claw
1937 Synchronisation
1937 Lady Jane Grey
1937 Under Two Flags
1937 Newspaper Adventures
1939 Recollections Of Geoffrey Hamlyn, The
1939 Get Tour Man
1940 Prisoner of Zenda, The
1942 Piccadilly
1940 Time Will Tell
1940 Andy the Yes Man
1940 Beyond Reasonable Doubt
1940 Martins Corner
1940 Pauls Family
1941 Casting Bureau
1941 Roosevelt, Man of Destiny
1941 Here's A Queer Thing
1941 Secret Service Memoirs
1941 Just So stories
1941 Rank Outsider, The
1942 That's How it Started
1942 History of Mr Polly, The
1942 Mr Polly
1942 Halliday And Son
1942 In His Steps
1943 Their Finest Hour
1943 Music With Mirth
1943 Talking Drums
1944 Story of Susan Lee
1944 Forgotten Men
1944 Doctor's Memories, A
1944 This Man is dangerous
1944 Man I Might Have Married, The
1944 Top Flight
1944 Septimus
1945 Private Secretary
1945 Quick as a Flash
1945 Departure Delayed
1945 Passing Parade
1945 Adventures Downunder
1945 Young Pioneers
1945 Amateur Gentleman, The
1946 Love Making Incorporated
1946 Sparrows of London
1946 Woodleys, The
1946 Constant Nymph
1946 Anderson's Place
1947 Bob Dyers Dude Ranch
1947 Young Company, The
1947 Anne of Green Gables
1948 Two Dianas, The
1948 Come With Me Caroline
1948 Wind In The Water, The
1948 Here Comes the Toff
1948 Cavalcade
1948 Aspro Housewives Quiz
1948 Golden Colt, The
1948 Pollyanna
1948 Adventures of Bren
1948 Space Explorers, The
1948 Strange House of Jeffery Marlowe, The
1948 Thundering Hooves
1948 Blue Danube, The
1948 Queen's Necklace The
1948 Beau Gest (1948)
1949 Lorna Doone
1949 Colonel X
1949 Double Indemnity
1949 House in the Country
1949 All Visitors Ashore
1949 Rajahs Diamond, The
1949 Emma (ABC)
1950 Convict Girl
1951 Hunchback of Notre Dame, The (1951)
1951 Dawlish
1951 Affairs of Harlequin, The
1952 Invincible Kate
1952 Legend
1952 Black Arrow, The
1952 Famous Novels of Rafael Sabatini
1952 House of Darkness
1953 High Window
1953 Famous Rescues
1953 Tom Corbett Space Cadet
1953 Twilight Ranger
1953 Mission to the Nation
1953 Lord Arthur Seville's Crime
1954 Famous Explorers
1954 Operation Spaceman
1954 Franchise Affair, The
1954 Persuasion
1955 Shades Will Not Vanish, The
1955 Second Fiddle
1955 Sea Hound
1956 Lord Jim
1956 Timber Ridge
1956 Campbell's Kingdom
1956 Adventures of Clara Cluff
1956 Mile Pegg
1956 College of Knowledge
1956 Stranger in Paradise
1957 Shining Harness
1958 So Little Time
1958 To Catch a Falling Star
1958 A wren Called Smith
1959 Steak For Breakfast
1959 Made for Each Other
1961 Emma (3AR)


The Sinking of the Centaur

As they search for the Centaur, and now have found it, we have an episode that details the tragic event, as well as an episode on the HMAS Sydney click here to read and listen

Colonel X - Can We Help You
ABC 16/10/2009

Click here if you want to watch how we assisted the grandson of Colonel X learn more about his grandfather Colonel X of the radio serial fame. Look for episode 36

Please come back soon for the full Colonel X story


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Welcome to the home of Australian Old Time Radio Shows

We would like to take you on a journey. A journey through time. Back to those glorious days when radio ruled the airwaves.


When instead of coming home to the flickering pictures of television shows, you came home to listen to Dad and Dave, When A Girl Marries, Bob Dyer, Jack Davey or one of the many series or plays with George Edwards, all brought to you via the Wireless .

Some of those names may be familiar to some of you, after all Jack and Bob were on Television , but many Actors, Writers, Producers, Directors etc who were household names and amongst our top Australian Celebrities of their time, have been completely forgotten.

The journey will be familiar to some, taking you back to days where we hope we will rekindle your memory of those glorious days. To others it may be a new experience, as we talk about the shows and people that made up The Golden Days of Australian Radio

We will do this by sight, sound and the written word. So as they say in the classics sit back,relax and most importantly enjoy


Anzac Day 2011

It was our intention to release about 20 episodes of War Correspondent as our ANZAC Day project this year, however events have conspired to interrupt our plans. That will happen next April instead. Rather than write off the project for 2011, I decided to make available a rather special recording from my collection, which is all about the ANZAC tradition more…


New Slideshows more added

We have added a new type of slideshow to this site for your enjoyment. We have access to many Radio Call radio magazines from 1937 through to 1956 Radio Call was the radio magazine for South Australia and like the Melbourne Listener In was very "pictorial". Though South Australian orientated the images and advertisements reflect the whole radio industry of the time

Please enjoy click here for the slideshows


Feature Articles

We look at Radio and Books and how they formed the basis of many of our favorite radio shows.

We also try to put the the golden age of radio in perspective by looking at the way we were.

Our previous features are still their George Edwards, Random House, History of Transcriptions and Radio and Genealogy.




Finally we have updated the database. It now boasts over 6100 series and well over 2000 people involved in the series. Please feel free to browse the database, it is there to be searched.

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If you cannot find what you want why not contact us and ask us directly. We are happy to answer any question about the shows and people of the Golden Age of Radio.



Unfortunately, we have lost a number of artists over the past few months, namely Bud Tingwell and Ray Barrett. We want to honour any artist of the Golden Age through our Vale section.

If you know any artist or person involved in the Golden Age of Australian Radio who has passed away please send us any information and if you want to write about them please send us their obituary.



Know your Golden Age of Radio people? If you do, just name all the artists in our logos - both top and bottom

There are 30 of the most popular artists who were on Australian radio during the Golden Age



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Our intent has always been to update this website on a regular basis. However, due to commitments elsewhere this has not been possible. We would like to add more articles about Australian Old Time Radio more often.

If you can write an article about anything on the Golden Age of Australian radio, be it on a person involved, a specific show or shows, we would love to include it on our website. Just contact us or send in any material. Do not worry about spelling, grammar etc, we are happy to edit.